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Update: This animation is a music video for the UK band "The Channel". The video features their very beautiful debut single "Little Lie". Click here.

Love By Gina Miller (music by Moby)

To watch this animation:

Hover your mouse of the top image and press the play button (arrow) below to start.

Or watch it at YouTube. After you watch the movie, scroll down below to read more about what this animation means...

Warning Spoiler Alert: Love - the tale of one robot in the throes of tragedy. He suffers from the loss of his loved one. The pain does not subside and in fact grows more severe - he feels as though he is completely broken. He decides to do a complete system restore of his mind so that he can live once again with his beloved. In exchange he will lose all experiences that he had after that point, to him a very fair exchange. Time is reversed, and begins to move forward again. He is living the past over again and enjoying the company of the one he loves. But there is a problem, since he went back in time it will inevitably reach the same points it did before, including her demise. Upon realization of this, he decides to live the same 3 months over, and over, and over again... for love.

Created April 13 through April 24, 2011 and added to the website on June 12, 2011.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2010
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