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The Programmer By Gina Miller

Kevin, the first character (named after Kevin Mitnick the notorious hacker)
is entering code into his computer when his finger slips - he inadvertently hits a key that accesses the code
that wrote him and the world he lives in. By accessing the code he sees it what it wrote, from the big bang,
to earths early bombardment to humans discovery of fire, writing, industrialization and computers. This brings
us back to kevin, at his computer. He meets the programmer who wrote his code. Since Kevin compromised
the system he is considered bad code by his programmer and is deleted. This is when we discover that the
programmer has a programmer and must also be deleted, and so forth and so on until finally you are asked to
provide your code on your computer screen.



Created January 22 through February 20, 2012 and added to the website on May 12, 2012.