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The artwork "Hope" represents man's use of his mind to develop a better world for himself.

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Hope By Gina Miller

There are four calculations within the white band, the first is the Mandelbrot set, then Pythagorean theorem, Einstein, and finally Euler's identity. The glowing rows of letters are the base pairs of DNA. Below the feet is binary code — I wrote them in such a way that they actually spell out a message for you, the binary code when transferred to text reads "Binary code has elevated humanity to realize that the mind can create mind-like advances to help us all." I had fun translating my message into binary. As for the man himself, he is riddled with symbolism. On his head the Greek Omega, the spot surrounded with the circle means sun, on his wrist infinity, and the atom on his forearm. The arrows signify moving forward, onward and upward.

Click here or on the image for the hi res version. May take a minute to load.

Image created on 8.20.2006; added to the website on 8.28.2006

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2006
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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