Rotary By Gina Miller

This is an animation based on a schematic design by K. Eric Drexler in Nanosystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation. This nanometer scale rotary built to atomic precision, will purify specific molecules by transferring only the correct molecule from the left to the right chamber. Click here to watch a front view of the movie (.mov 5,176kb). To see the movie with a side view and close up, click here (.mov 3,843kb).

Click here to see the avi front view (.avi 4.74 mb).

Deepest appreciation to Eric Drexler and Robert A. Freitas Jr.

Scroll down to see another still.

Front view:

Side view:

An image of this animation was featured in a wonderful book Nanofuture by J. Storrs Hall PhD . You can see the scan here. Also read my post regarding this news at my Max animation blog. The book Nanofuture won the Foresight Institute's Communications Prize for 2006.

Mentioned on Nanodot.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2007
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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