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Blue By Gina Miller

This piece is a hand drawing that I first began drawing in one or two days using my tablet PC sometime between July and October 2005. I hadn't seen it since. Yesterday (6/11/06) I opened it up and worked out this ethereal animation. There is music so turn up your volume.

You can read more details about this animation or comment about it at the blog!

Click here to download the movie (Quicktime 2.52 MB) or click here to download (Windows Media Video 2.01 MB).

A still from the animation:

The image below is an extra still that is not featured in the animation. I was contemplating it's use, but fore go it. Can you tell what is different in this image than the one above? For the answer, scroll below…

Below: another variation that was not used. Can you see what's different? For the answer, scroll below…

Keep scrolling down below the rows of text for the answers.

Created in 2005 - animation continued and completed on 6/11/06 and added to the website on 6/12/06.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2006
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

Keep scrolling!





That's right, even lower!



The answers:

Top extra image: the top layer of her hair is missing (the two black parts and one purple bottom swirl are gone) and the whole corner area above it is replaced with one circular gradient rather than two gray swirls and two purple swirls.

Second extra image: All of her hair is one purple circle gradient, where as in the animated version (or the top most image) it consists of two parts black and one part animated purple. Did you have fun guessing, don't forget to comment at the blog!

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