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A Dream Within A Dream (poem by Edgar Allan Poe) Animation by Gina Miller

This is an animation I made for the Seattle Times digital film contest. My artwork coexists with the reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "Dream Within a Dream" poem written for his dearly departed wife. Eliza Clemm Poe passed in 1847, his poem to her was published in 1849 the same year he passed away. Yet, Poe lives on through his works and continues to inspire us in spirit or with new creations, I hope you enjoy mine. Turn up your volume! For more information or requests please email.

I invite you to comment on this animation at my blog here. I am looking forward to hearing what you think!

To watch the animation:
Click here to download the movie (Quicktime 8.20 MB) or click here to download (Windows Media Video 8.81 MB).

If you want to download it without the wait (it will load immediately but will be of lesser size and quality than the above), click here to see it at YouTube.

Tips for downloading internet movies: If you see only white, this is normal it means it's still downloading (even though you will see "done" in the lower corner of your screen, hang in there!) Also ~ if when you download the movie it appears "sticky" and/or the music breaks up, your movie is still buffering, play it a second time and it will have downloaded fully and play correctly.

Below: two stills from the animation

The Introduction:

A still from the later part of my animation:

Created March 26- April 1, 2009. uploaded to the website on April 2, 2009.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2009
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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