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Hand Drawn Animation

Hand Drawn By Gina Miller

This is a genuine hand drawn animation, just like Disney used to do (actually this is even more primitive since Disney would have used rotoscope). I drew 31 images with black pen on tracing paper. I used the tracing paper so that every next picture I drew I could lay over the last and draw while seeing it's exact position. I then used the scanner to save them onto my computer. I made no edits with any programs, but only put the pictures together in their proper and order and added sound. This was a very challenging project (began as a test project), made in one day.

I have two downloads available for you, the first two are large views so that you can see the details close up. The last two or smaller versions.

Click here to download the large view avi (6.29mb), or click here for the large view of the Quicktime (.mov 5.82mb).

These are the small versions - click here for the avi (2.17mb) or click here for the Quicktime (.mov 1.70mb).

This is one of the drawings: Scroll down to see the original drawings.

These are the individual drawings you see in the movie, I drew four on each page.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2006
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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