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Mona Lisa Speaks By Gina Miller Copyright 2008

Finally Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa reveals her secret. To make this animation (actually there are two versions—which you can read about in the next paragraph) I used one picture of the Mona Lisa and matched her up to a sound track I recorded (yes, that is me). I also painted the cheeks where you see the difference. I then imported other da Vinci artworks and animated them as the back drops. I also introduced two cats that da Vincidrew, this was really for a personal reason, or experiment rather. When I saw the two cats they looked like they could work for animation, that they were so properly lined up they might be able to be morphed together. I wondered, and wanted to see what they would look like if I tried to animate them from one position to the next. They are in the credits. So get ready for the burning question to be answered, and I hope - bring a smile. Turn up your volume! Scroll down to click the movie links and look at large stills.

There are two versions! One is the first image you see below (left side) which is a full portrait version, the other (right side) is a close up version. Initially I had made the full portrait version but when I watched it I realized that you couldn't see all the lip sync work from that distance. Since I did all that work I wanted to see it up close, but the close up version shows less of the painting and backround work. You decide which one you want to see, or both!


Read more about and comment on these animations at my blog here. Which one do you prefer?

To watch the full portrait version:
Click here to download the movie (Quicktime 6.23 MB) or click here to download (Windows Media Video 5.87 MB).

To watch the close up version:
Click here to download the movie (Quicktime 6.34 MB) or click here to download (Windows Media Video 5.99 MB).

If there is no way you can download, see it at YouTube. Click here for the full portrait or click here for the close up.

Tips for downloading internet movies: If you see only white, this is normal it means it's still downloading (even though you will see "done" in the lower corner of your screen, hang in there!) Also ~ if when you download the movie it appears "sticky" and/or the music breaks up, your movie is still buffering, play it a second time and it will have downloaded fully and play correctly.

Below, a still from the close up version of the animation:

Below, a still from the full portrait version of the animation:

Created Jan 28-29, 2008. Uploaded to the website on Jan 29, 2008.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2008
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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