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I am indulging in a bit of childhood nostalgia with this image.

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Pegasus (Or Taking Flight) By Gina Miller

Young girls have a tendency towards unicorns, pegasus and everything whimsical. Here in my grown up version, the alternate name "Taking Flight" suggests that he is an icon of readiness, confidence, and following ones dreams. Onward!

Image tip: if you click enlarged images and they do not appear enlarged, if you have Windows XP or higher, hover your mouse over the very bottom right corner of the image until you see a small square pop up that says "expand to regular size"click that and the image will enlarge.

Click the image or here to enlarge the artwork:

Created the day of July 31rst and the day of Oct 25th; uploaded to the website on Oct 26, 2007.

Copyright Gina Miller 1998-2007
If you are interested in using this artwork, contact the artist.

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