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General Links

Sci tech

The MarsSociety.

Listen to the radiation noise of the big bang.

Nova Online Runaway Universe.

Black Holes at Howstuffworks.

Professor Stephen Hawking's website.

Alan Turing

Timeline of cosmology
at Wikipedia.

Virtual reality at FutureWiki.

American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Teleportation IBM.

A history of Quantum Mechanics

Historical, anthropology & mythology

Meet Lucy.

Encyclopedia Mythica mythology, folklore and religion.

Egyptian Mythology

Greek Mythology

Mythology at Wikipedia

Godchecker search for and read about Gods and Goddesses from a variety of cultures.

Joseph Campbell Foundation continuing the work of Joseph Campbell. directory to the World of Signs, Glyphs and Symbols.

Nova Origins.

Human evolution chart.

World history timeline.

The Scopes Trial home page.

Bio, neuro and research

The Human Genome Project

The Whole Brain Atlas at Harvard.

Consciousness by Robert Van Gulick at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Cynthia Kenyon, PhD Genes and Cells that Regulate the Life span of C. elegans (the infamous long living worms).

The Methuselah Mouse Prize a challenge to extend aging.

Hayflick's limit

DNA timeline (Flash).

Rosalind Franklin from the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Stem Cells at NIH

International Society for Stem Cell Research

Understanding Genetics

The Genographic Project.

Mechanisms of Aging by Ben Best.



Ryan a touching film made by a modern 3d animator has brought Ryan Larkin classical Canadian animator into the mainstream again. Ryan Larkin's "Walking" animation film won him an Oscar nomination 30 years ago. Ryan was considered a genius at hand drawn animations that set standards for many of the visuals we live with today.

The History of Animation - a timeline of the very first historical steps of animation leading up to the current day technology. More history.

Paul Roget developed the rather crude thaumatrope - flipping animation disk. Make your own here.

Émile Reynaud French science teacher who invented the praxinoscope and presented the first projection animated in 1892.

George Méliès proved the illusion of frame by frame object movement in cinema film.

James Stuart Blackton considered the father of the animated cartoon although his work was ten years after Méliès.

Winsor McCay - not the first animator, but one of the first notables.


Philosophy at e-server canonical philosophic texts.

Robot Jazz

Robot Cafe links to all sorts of robotic mayhem.

Play Robot Constructor a simulation game where you build your own environment and robot to survive it.

The history of automation

R.U.R (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Capek 1920 a play that first coined the term "robot". Click here to read the script, or click here to read about.

Yep, it's a robot baby doll! My Real Baby.


Project Gutenberg a library of 16,000 free ebooks.

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.


Art History

Art:21 Videos

Etsy handmade items


Google Sightseeing a blog analyzing satellite images.

Make technology on your time. The Make blog.

Small World Nikons small scale image contest.

Soda constructor you load up a constructor to build, simulate, and even save. Discover the complexity.

Online Demos (Applets) of Artificial Intelligence. new media art and more.

High IQ Society


Time to get a life the departure of the intranet's beloved original blogger Justin Hall.


Optical Illusions Etc.

Retro Thing nostalgic computer jazz.


i am robot and proud cool electronica.

Daft Punk even cooler.


Sky fly, fast or slow, multi directional, it depends on the click (or non click) of your mouse.

The Sims

Animal Crossing