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Interesting Links

String theory, M-brane and M theory

More than just strings from the official string theory website.

Superstrings homepage

M-theory, the theory formerly known as Strings

M-brane definition

M-theory the mother of all superstrings by Michio Kaku.

Time travel, relativity, and the speed of light

How Time Travel Will Work at the Howstuffworks website.

A User's Guide to Time Travel feature at Wired magazine.

Maybe time travel could be possible USA Today article.

Celebrity scientist (Greene of Elegant Universe) brings time travel, cosmic theory down to earth at National Geographic.

The Time Travel Institute includes a message board forum.

Time travel the webpage for the Time Travel show that aired on the PBS Nova program (features downloadable audio).

How to a time machine article at Scientific American.

Time travel shaping the future at BBC.

Man's earliest writings and found documents

Were Egyptians the first scribes? BBC article.

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative.

Mesopotamian written records in the Hermitage virtual exhibitions online.

Ebla, Syria tablets

Syria at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

Sumer and Mesopotamia

Sumer at Wikipedia.

It happened first in ancient Mesopotamia University of Chicago.

Sumer at the Columbia Encyclopedia.

Sumer at MSN Encarta.


Mesopotamia at the British Museum.

What was before the big bang

If you try to imagine the tiny speck that was the beginning of the big bang, you can't help but to see it inside of a vast blackness of space, however this type of space had not existed yet! We envision it this way, because our minds see and understand only our reality of this space time continuum. What was the nothing, that created the something? There had to be something? How did that come to be?

What happened before the big bang? By Paul Davies.

Before the big bang there was...what? By Dennis Overbye of the New York Times.

The big bang theory at NASA.

Before the big bang at Discover.

Big bang at Wikipedia.

A hot big bang University of Wisconsin Madison.

Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? US governments Department of Energy.

Why does dark matter, matter? At the MSNBC website.

The Dark Matter Telescope (LSST Observatory).

What is the universe made of? NASA.

Dark Matter Mystery at the Harvard-Smithsonian's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Dark Matter definition at Wikipedia.

What is dark matter? How can we make it in the laboratory? Quantum Universe


The roots of creativity and genius.

The Genetics of Genius U of M

Can you make a genius? BBC

The basis of genius. INPM.

Mensa International

The Human Mind

Wouldn't it phenomenal if we could understand ourselves on the most intricate levels?! What makes us think the way we do or prefer to think in the ways we do? What are we as individuals hard wired for? Where in our minds are our differences located, and why? How are memories stored? What is happening in our brains that influences us to believe certain theologies or be drawn to certain activities? How much is due to a societal genetic memory and how much of it is due to neurons and chemistry inside of the mind (and our bodies reaction to this)?

The Human Brain Project at Caltech

International Consortium for Brain Mapping

International Brain Research Organization

Society for Neuroscience

Brain the world inside your head

Brain Awareness Week

Of Mind and Matter

The Secret Life of the Brain

Modular Robotics

Modular Robotics at PARC

The Shape of Bots to Come - Wired article

Shape Shifting Robot Shows off its Move - New Scientist article

Modular Robotics, Multi-Agent or Swarm Robotics, and Utility Fog - at