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Robert A. Freitas Jr Alcor Presentation on the Dermal Display Animation By Gina Miller

In 2005 I worked with Robert A Freitas Jr. to make the Dermal Display animation based on a concept from his book Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities. There was a lot of media and internet coverage of this collaboration. At the 6th Alcor Conference (2006) the author was invited to speak and did a walk talk through of the animation. Alcor generously provided me with footage that I was allowed to edit. I merged my animation with his talk and made this special feature video in which he narrates what is happening as you watch the animation. Turn up your volume.

Click here to download the movie (Quicktime 12.9 MB) or click here to download (Windows Media Video 13.5 MB). Need it quicker, go to Youtube.

If you are using the Windows Media Player and you can't read the end credits you might have your player set to repeat. To change this, with Windows Media Player open, go up to your top tool bar and play and select repeat (if you see a check next to it) - there for unchecking it and causing the movie to stop at the end so that you can read it.

You can read more details about this animation or comment about it at the blog. And click here to go to the original animation page, read more about the work and download the original.

Click here to go to the original blog post for the Dermal Display animation.
Get the Alcor conference DVD (not the same as this footage and is the full conference).
Watch Alcor 6 conference clips.
Coverage at: Nanodot

Tips for downloading internet movies: If you see only white, this is normal it means it's still downloading (even though you will see "done" in the lower corner of your screen, hang in there!) Also ~ if when you download the movie it appears "sticky" and/or the music breaks up, your movie is still buffering, play it a second time and it will have downloaded fully and play correctly.

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